~~ Personal Blessings Web Development ~~


This is "Personal Blessings" - where I showcase my website design and development work, reveal just a few things about myself and unravel the mystery of what I want out of life.

Presented are screen shots and links (for active sites) for the websites that I have already developed. In the future, I will be adding website designs and other media developments that I hope to make available and market to individuals, businesses and churches in particular. The church is God's home on earth and none of what I'm able to do would be possible without the 'personal blessings' that He has graciously bestowed upon me. These blessings are partly for my own use, mostly for me to use to be a blessing to someone else and, as in everything, always for His glory.

On a personal note plants, animals, people, movies, the internet, (good) food, comedy, music, books and television are some of my favorite things. And please, let's not forget about computers!!

To see my resume, please create an account using the Accounts page. Also, please remember to sign my Guestbook so I'll know you visited and if you want to contact me by email, please use the form on the Contact Me page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You and Enjoy!!